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Giannalberto Bendazzi
Giannalberto Bendazzi (Ravenna, 1946) is a founding member of the Society for Animation Studies and a former member of the board of directors of Asifa (Association International du Film d'Animation). His published works on animation include the book Alexeïeff - Itinerary of a Master (2001) plus booklets on Bozzetto, Manuli, Cavandoli and the Zagreb School. He has served as a juror at many international animation festivals including those of Annecy, Zagreb, Toronto, Varna and Espinho. As a critic of live-action cinema he has published books on Woody Allen and Mel Brooks. He teaches History of Animation at the Università degli Studi di Milano.

Borivoj "Bordo" Dovniković
Borivoj "Bordo" Dovniković (Osijek, 1930) was one of the founders of animation in former Yugoslavia starting in Zagreb as far as he was fourteen. After a long period of working as an animator he became a director in the early Sixties with such seminal masterpieces as Curiosity (1966), The Flower Lovers (1971), Second Class Passenger (1973) and N.N. (1977). A paramount figure of animation in general, he was also the director of the Zagreb festival, a teacher, the secretary general of ASIFA (Association International du Film d'Animation) and a writer. In addition to that, he is also an illustrator and a caricaturist. A luxurious biography of him is B snači Bordo (B for Bordo, 2005).

Aleksandra Korejwo
Author, artist, filmmaker, animator, Aleksandra Korejwo graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Poznan (Poland). Before becoming involved in animation she studied painting, learned to play the violin and wrote poetry. Her desire to unite painting, music and poetry is what lead her to take up animation. Her instrument of choice to accomplish this union is the use of the characteristic technique of powder animation. Her films have been presented in Poznan, Cracow, Seattle, Espinho, Ottawa, Annecy, Utrecht, Rio de Janeiro, Stuttgart, Toronto, Los Angeles, and at the Pompidou Centre in Paris. Aleksandra Korejwo has received numerous awards, among which the "Clio" award, a nomination for the Annie Award and the Grand Prix for Best Film Under 10 minutes, at the International Animation Film Festival in Shanghai.

Mati Kütt
Mati Kütt (Tallinn, 1947), painter and director, is one of Estonia's most talented animators. A budding artist since childhood, he abandoned a career in engineering and began in animation in 1981 with Monument, one of the sections in the compilation film 1+1+1. After collaborating for many years with Avo Paistik at Joonisfilm, in 1989 he embarked on a career as an independent filmmaker with Labyrinth and began one of the most complex and variegated esthetic quests in contemporary animation. His films combine different techniques such as stop motion, oil painting and pixilation. In 2001 and 2002 he taught experimental animazione in the Rocky Mountain College, Denver.

Antonio Possenti
Antonio Possenti (Lucca, 1933) while still at the beginning of his career illustrated some volumes in the Mondadori "Il Ponte" series and was a cartoonist with the weekly Il Mondo. Following an encounter with Marc Chagall, in the nineteen sixties, he decided to dedicate himself one hundred per cent to painting, particularly to Fantastic Painting, becoming one of the leading lights in this area. He has exhibited, among other places, at the Quadrennial Exhibition in Rome, at the International Showroom in Paris and at the Biennial Exhibition in Madrid. His works have competed with such celebrities as Dino Buzzati, Aldo Busi and Vittorio Sgarbi. He still lives and works in his beloved birthplace; and has designed numerous posters for the local Cinema Club.